How Hannah works

Hannah has learned from her experience as a counsellor that people seek help at a time when they are most vulnerable and are going through a difficult time. They may find it hard to cope with anxious feelings and stress for different reasons and it might seem that there is no one who would listen and understand and perhaps impossible to talk to family and friends.

Therefore counselling can be a tremendous help to the client. It can free the painful feelings and thoughts, self-doubt, stress and helplessness, which can affect the individual's behaviour and relationships.

Free counselling consultation

Hannah is therefore ready to offer an initial free consultation to each client in her private practice in Hendon, simply to have the opportunity to meet the client face-to-face and have the time and space for both herself and the client to assess and decide if they can work together. She can see both individuals and couples. Hannah can work in either Hebrew or English.

She is a qualified person-centered counsellor and an accredited and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, adhering to its ethical framework for good practice and keeping to strict confidentiality and professional boundaries. That is the basis on which she tries to build therapeutic relationships in clinical practice with her clients, combined with her skills and natural warmth in her approach to others.

I had thought about counselling for years but never plucked up the courage, as I am not a good talker and was not sure that counselling could help with my personal problems.

However, Hannah is a very good counsellor and a real professional with a warm approach and understanding. I realise now that counselling is not a quick fix but her counselling work put me at ease.

She worked to my own pace and need of support and attention. I was lucky to have a fantastic counsellor as Hannah who is a very patient and respectful person.

— Michael

The respect and honour for each client's privacy is important to her and is always expressed in a non-judgmental attitude and acceptance of her clients' problems and concerns that are discussed in therapy, regardless of each client's age, culture, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

Hannah provides long and short term therapy as required, tailored to each client's needs and sensitive to his or her own pace.

At the beginning of this year I felt as if my life started to spin out of control I was depressed, stressful and anxious. I felt sick and nervous before the first meeting with Hannah but she welcomed me with her warm soft voice and a great interest in my life story, which helped with my explorations. From there on I looked forward to each session as counselling progressed I started to feel less depressed, like a weight had been lifted. I feel now more positive about myself and my relationships with others are improving. I am pleased that I came to see Hannah for help and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs such support.

— Lillian


Hannah works face-to-face with individuals and couples. Time and dates for sessions are discussed and planned ahead with the client and the duration of each session is 50 minutes.

Any session cancellation is required to be paid and notified within 24 hours. The therapeutic service that Hannah offers is low-cost and affordable, and includes a free consultation and a sliding scale available for students.

See the Contact page for fees.